About Tullivers

It all started in 2004 when it became very clear that my desire to enrich the lives of companion animals needed to be more than just a hobby. With every animal guardian I casually spoke to on my morning dog walks who followed my pet food recommendations, and then reported back the great results their pets were having, I realized my calling to be a voice for the animals to improve their lives through better and more natural nutrition. My interest in animal nutrition became stronger with each positive testimonial I received, and I knew I was being aligned with my life’s mission: to enhance the health and well-being of companion animals in Santa Fe and beyond!

For over seventeen years, Tullivers has provided a large assortment of high quality, natural diets, supplements and remedies for dogs and cats. We offer conscientious and sound nutritional guidance to improve their physical health and life force. As a result, we have established a high level of confidence and trust among our customers regarding our credibility, integrity, and promise to sell only the best natural products from reputable and dependable manufacturers.  

The response to Tullivers’ presence, right from the beginning, has been welcoming, sought after, and has earned us the recognition as a pillar of knowledge and stability in our community for providing safe and healthful products and effective dietary guidance for our four-legged friends.

I am happy and honored to be following my passion to enrich the lives of companion dogs and cats through excellent nutrition and product education. I am also blessed to have a staff who feel as passionate about animals and their well-being as I do, and it is reflected in their daily exuberance and desire to guide your pets to optimum health.

I give thanks and gratitude to every animal guardian, dog and cat who has graced our store and provided us the opportunity to meet their nutritional needs. We look forward to many more years and opportunities to improve and optimize the lives of your beloved furry companions!

Ellen Hutchins, Owner

Staff Extraordinaire:

Hannah, Assistant Manager                                  

Lorenzo, Sales Associate

Lorin, Sales Associate

Jayleen, Sales Associate

Dulce, Sales Associate

Tullivers would like to thank our friend, and former employee, Emma for her original artwork.